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Lingzhi – From Mystery to Science by Peking University Medical Press

Essential elements from the book that apply to Alphay’s Lingzhiย 

In ancient China, Lingzhi mushroom was reserved for the Emperor because of both an awareness for its extreme health benefits and it’s rarity in the wild. There’s evidence that Lingzhi has been a fundamental herb of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 5,000 years and officially documented for over 2,000 with it’s first pharmeceutical mention dating to 100 B.C. Over the course of these millennia of human use, those in touch with the power of this fungi have only developed greater respect as it’s grown increasingly rare in the wild. Wild Lingzhi feeds off the nutrients of a real living ecosystem consisting of generations of compounding value but due to the limited availability in nature, the mushroom has never been considered a sustainable resource for widespread application.

Only in recent times has Lingzhi been able to be cultivated utilizing proper farming strategies to be implemented as a product for all humans to use regularly. When cultivated correctly, Lingzhi maintains a high level of potency and proven efficacy as a medicine. There is currently no evidence that wild varieties have higher pharmacological value. Farmed mushrooms are much less susceptible to contamination, pollution, mold and insect infestation. Lingzhi can be grown in plastic bags but is higher quality when grown on wood. Other tangible traits of an optimal Lingzhi mushroom is a deep reddish or purple brown umbrella cap, a thick stem, and a light cream colored underside. Though all three parts of the fungi; the spores, mycelium and fruiting body have their own uses, the name Lingzhi and the medicinal benefits are specific to the fruiting body which is the stem and the cap. The cap of the mushroom has the highest concentration of active compounds, and is most powerful when harvested before the mushroom spores. Once harvested, Lingzi needs to be processed to activate the beneficial elements. One can use water, alcohol, or enzymes or all three for optimum extraction. Knowledge of farmed Lingzhi compared to the wild mushroom and the basic fundamentals of proper cultivation are important to know. Alphay not only follows these methods but works to set new standards for the whole industry.

Suggested Reading: “Lingzhi – From Mystery to Science” touches on the extensive healing qualities of the mushroom and displays data based on scientific conclusion. It’s worth the read to learn more about how Lingzhi regulates the human nerve endocrine system so highly adaptable and well balanced physical conditions can be realized.

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